Leisurely Refined Spirits

Beach Time now has an on-line store where you can place your order remotely and get curbside delivery.

Beach Time Distilling produces ultra-premium, hand-crafted spirits meticulously distilled in limited quantities. At Beach Time we do not rush or stress our yeast during the natural fermentation process. Taking more time for the fermentation process produces a smoother stress-free product we call “Leisurely Refined Spirits”… Beach Time for the Leisurely Spirit in you!

We are producing hand sanitizer in limited quantities for Postal workers & First Responders.  We have sanitizer available in 1-gallon cans.  This product is produced using formula #1 developed by the World Heath Organization. We recommend dispensing with a spray bottle.  For the general public we have 50 mL plastic (airplane) bottles.

Any organization needing hand sanitizer should contact us via email at [email protected], please no phone calls, they slow us down.

Details regarding the W.H.O. hand sanitizer are available here